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khalid fahad
2018-09-13 15:01:22 UTC
I have a question about SELiux. the question is ( Using the syntax from
sesearch output , provide a list of rules that you would create to confine
file access for a corporate finance application (e.g. accounts
payable/receivable, payroll). You should create type(s) for both the
process(es) and files. Ensure that you consider the wide variety of types
of data that this application would need to access).

i run the command (sesearch -A I grep -w '' ftpd_ t public content_ t'' )
and i get:-
allow ftpd_t public_content_t : dir { ioctl read getattr lock search open
} ;
allow ftpd_t public_content_t : lnk file { read getattr } ;
allow ftpd_t public_content_t : file { ioctl read getattr lock open } ;
can you help me to understand the concept of this question ?
best reg,

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