List of rebases landing in RHEL 8.0 GA
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Ondrej Moris
2018-10-18 16:00:14 UTC
Hello, as for audit there will be:

* kernel-3.10 -> kernel-4.18
* audit-2.8 -> audit-3.0

Obviously, there will be no changelog walk-through for kernel (but
4.18 was already tested in Fedora from audit perspective). For audit I
prepared a list of changed with preliminary priorities [1] already in

[1] https://pqe.brq.redhat.com/ticket/3741#comment:3
Hello package owners,
we need your help to create a list of components with a rebase going to
land in RHEL 8.0 GA. In question are all rebases which did not land in
RHEL by RHEL 7.6 release and will be in RHEL 8.0 GA. Most likely this
happened in Fedora long time, happende just recently, or is expected
after Beta to deliver some fixes.
MUST have - List of all NVRs with relevant rebases
SHOULD have - Per rebase create a prioritized list of important features
introduced by a rebase; backed up by all relevant changelogs; these will
need to be scoped more in detail for functional test coverage and
undesired impact on the system in general in order to avoid regressions.
COULD have - Detailed scoping of important features and identified test
activities (functional testing).
How can you provide this information? Just share it with your QE is
enough or simply reply to this email. Ideally by end of this week we
would like to compile the list of rebased NVRs that will be reviewed later.
Thank you,
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